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Ceci est la copie d'un article référencé en début et en fin de page. Merci à Jean-Pierre Baccache de m'avoir déniché cette nouvelle qui, oui, remonte à 2001...

Daily News
New virus written in logo language ;;Logo, dir Dick, merci !
By Dick Kelsey
April 11, 2001

A virus that announces itself with lyrics from a song performed by a Belgian techno dance band is written in programming language by Logotron, a educational software publisher, an anti-virus service said yesterday.

;;quelqu'un connait cette version du langage ? Logotron : sorte de mariage entre notre chère Tortue et le célèbre film :
Tron, 1982 Disney movie written and directed by Steven Lisberger starring Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner,
Cindy Morgan, and Barnard Hughes. Voir :

The proof of concept I-Worm.LogoLogic.A is the first-ever virus written using SuperLogo, said Medina, Ohio-based Central Command Inc. The language is used to train programming students in application development, the company said.

The virus, which requires the SuperLogo interpreter to be installed, has not caused any infections, said Marius Gheorghescu, a virus researcher for the company. "We have no infection reports of this virus nor do we consider it to be spreading at this time," he said. "This seems to be another demonstration by virus writers on their abilities."

An executed virus uses a small mIRC script to overwrite C:\MIRC\SCRIPT.INI that helps propagate its body, logic.lgp. The infection announces itself with a line from "Livin' A Lie," a song by Milk Inc., a Belgian pop group.

The virus then dumps a file in the Windows startup folder to spread via Microsoft Outlook e-mail, sending itself to the first 80 entries in the Express address book.

Finally, the virus displays the message in the SuperLogo window, "Logic, the Logo worm (c) Gigabyte."

Central Command is on the Web at http://www.centralcommand.com/

Reported by Newsbytes.com, http://www.newsbytes.com